Your favourite virtue ::
I'd rather serve in hell than reign in paradise...

Your favourite qualities in a man ::

Your favourite qualities in a woman ::

Your favourite occupation ::
these days making music and spending time with my family

Your idea of happiness ::
to look ahead and do what you want to do so that you do not have anything to regret

Your idea of misery ::
regretting actions that you haven't accomplished

If not yourself, who would you be ::
I am happy with being myself and do not fantasize on anyone else

Where would you like to live ::
Berlin if the weather were nicer...

Your favourite colour and flower ::
black, krokus

Your favourite prose authors ::
David Lynch...

Your favourite poets ::
Isidore Ducasse De Lautréamont

Your favourite heroes in fiction ::
Les Shadoks

Your favourite heroines in fiction ::

Your favourite painters and composers ::
Hyeronimus Bosch,

that changes everyday
FoetuSteroid Maximus, Ken Nordine's "colours", oXbow, Edgar Allan Poe, Wire, Hyeronimus Bosch, Cows, Sort Sol, Die Haut, X-Ray-Spex, Music Machine, Tod Browning, Black Flag, Aphex Twin, Cabaret Voltaire, Autechre, Suicide, HP Lovercraft, Goz Of Kermeur, Fugazi, Ennio Morricone, No Means No, Ciccone Youth, Felix Kubin, Gun Club, Nurse With Wound, Guapo, Joy Division, MBV "loveless", The Cure "pornography", Christian Marclay, Khanate, Werner Herzog, Syd Barrett, Godzilla, Talk Talk, Radio Birdman, Gaudi, Xenakis, Throbbing Gristle, Cramps, Tom Verlaine, Igor Stravinsky, Lydia Lunch, Soft Machine, Luc Ferrari, God (the band), Sir Conan Doyle, Schneider TM, early John Waters, Ornette Coleman, Kraftwerk, Mingus, Hint, Glenn Branca, Lautréamont, Neurosis, Sun City Girls, Jam, Unwound, Tod Dockstader, Hasil Hadkins, Pita, Surrealism, Big Black, Alice Coltrane, Pere Ubu, Devo, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Condense, Dif Juz, Mouse On Mars, Jesus & Mary Chain, Steve Reich, Fad Gadget, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Stooges, Naked City, Eraserhead, Andy's Car Crash, Michelangelo Antonioni, Headcleaner, Olivier Messiaen, VU, Ray Dennis Steckler, Brian Eno, 13th Floor Elevators, Jesus Lizard (live), Violent Femmes, Tetsuo 1, Boss Hog, Clouddead, Duchess Says, Damned, Sun Ra, Animal Collective, Tortoise, El-P, Einstürzende Neubauten, Swamp Rats, Gastr del Sol, Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band, Tuxedomoon, Made To Measure, Slint, Alog, James Joyce, Kas Product, Bauhaus, Pebbles/Back From The Grave/Ugly Things compilations, Kim Fowley, Kepone, Thomas Brinkmann, The The, Seeds, Gvs.B, Fennesz, The Fall, les Shadoks, Birthday Party, William Faulkner, The Deviants, Gallon Drunk, Sun Ra, Boredoms, Mars, The Monks, Silverfish, Supersilent, Pussy Galore, LCD Soundsystem, Bark Psychosis, 50/6Ts SF flicks, Bernard Herrmann, The Residents, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Erik Satie, PanaSonic, Bernard Herrmann, David Lynch, Morton Feldman, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., Alarm Will Sound, Magazine, Pharoah Sanders... & many many more...

Your favourite heroes in real life ::
those who are not afraid to be black sheeps

Your favourite heroines in real life ::
my little daughter

What character(s) in history do you most dislike ::
dictators, capitalist businessmen...

Your favourite food and drink ::
temaki filled with grilled eels, kir imperial

Your favourite names ::

Your pet peeve (something that easily annoys you) ::
people who invade my privacy so mind your steps...

The change you most anticipate ::
Nostradamus was not any of my ancestors so I do not foresee things THOUGH I could look forward to modern Men showing more respect and gentleness to other human beings

A gift of nature which I would like to have ::

How I would like to die ::

What is your present state of mind ::
I feel extremely privilegied to be able to wake up every morning and do what I like most, not having to compromise or obey any orders... and I feel extremely sad watching around realizing that so many people live terrible existences

Of what fault are you most tolerant ::
errare humanum est, so I'd pardon any fault if the sinner shows some regret and understand the consequences of his actions enough not to repeat

Your favourite motto ::
be yourself

21 janvier 2010

Philippe Petit is a "musical travel agent".

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photo by Max D. Gyselinck

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.