Your favourite virtue ::
well ?

Your favourite qualities in a man ::
depends on the person

Your favourite qualities in a woman ::
depends on the person

Your favourite occupation ::
chilling :)

Your idea of happiness ::
eating a good icecream in the sun

Your idea of misery ::
being george bush

If not yourself, who would you be ::
maybe george bush (for a day or two)

Where would you like to live ::
on a sunny island

Your favourite colour and flower ::
green / sunflower

Your favourite prose authors ::
i mostly read magazines cause i like pictures

Your favourite poets ::
Lou Reed

Your favourite heroes in fiction ::
can not decide

Your favourite heroines in fiction ::
hard to decide too

Your favourite painters and composers ::
toooo many and very different

Your favourite heroes in real life ::
just one answer is possible...

Your favourite heroines in real life ::

What character(s) in history do you most dislike ::
to say hitler would be boring - but he was the biggest wanker ever

Your favourite food and drink ::
hoooo - i like to cook and have many fav meals e.g.: selfmade TORTELINI / fresh bloodorrange juice

Your favourite names ::

Your pet peeve (something that easily annoys you)::
drunk people

The change you most anticipate ::
everything will change

A gift of nature which I would like to have ::
tits and pussy for a day (letz play:)

How I would like to die ::
old and happy

What is your present state of mind ::

Of what fault are you most tolerant ::
well well

Your favourite motto ::
freak for a lifetime / proud to be young and me

15 avril 2008

“age:: 27 - i´m living in Hamburg - Germany (no longer at the village)
works as : media designer at KHUJO (streetwear brand)
fav drugs : weed + cigarettes and nothing else.
listening at the moment: THE GO TEAM”

Rich.Vom.Dorf. is graphic designer and musician

website :: Rich.Vom.Dorf.
website :: RichTheVillageBoy at myspace
Website :: discogs

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of marcel proust", created by antoinette faure around 1890