Your favourite virtue ::

Your favourite qualities in a man ::
Humour, honesty, kindness, creativity

Your favourite qualities in a woman ::
Humour, honesty, kindness, creativity

Your favourite occupation ::
Making music

Your idea of happiness ::
Being always creative

Your idea of misery ::
Having nothing to do

If not yourself, who would you be ::
Someone more confident than me

Where would you like to live ::
Somewhere secure with a nice garden

Your favourite colour and flower ::
Phthalo blue, clematis

Your favourite prose authors ::
Douglas Adams, Tolstoy, Heller, Hans Christian Andersen

Your favourite poets ::
Edgar Allan Poe

Your favourite heroes in fiction ::

Your favourite heroines in fiction ::
The Little Match Girl

Your favourite painters and composers ::
Painters - Chagall, Klee, Miro, Macke...
Composers – Part, Reich, Shostakovich, Debussy...

Your favourite heroes in real life ::

Your favourite heroines in real life ::

What character(s) in history do you most dislike ::
We must learn from past mistakes to make the best of the future

Your favourite food and drink ::
Risotto, tea

Your favourite names ::
I don't have favourite names

Your pet peeve (something that easily annoys you) ::
Bad manners

The change you most anticipate ::
The decline of verbal communication

A gift of nature which I would like to have ::
To control the weather somehow, I'd bring back proper seasons

How I would like to die ::
Peacefully and with dignity

What is your present state of mind ::

Of what fault are you most tolerant ::
Genuine mistakes

Your favourite motto ::
There are so many wonders in the world but we call them trivial and therefore fail to see them

29 juillet 2009

Katie English (aka Isnaj Dui) is a musician and composer living in London. She also works as a book keeper at a small publishers and enjoys painting, gardening and drinking tea.

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:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.