Your favourite virtue ::
discipline (I wish I had more of it)

Your favourite qualities in a man ::
honesty, modesty

Your favourite qualities in a woman ::
charm, humour

Your favourite occupation ::
music - soundtrack composing,solo works,arranging and producing

Your idea of happiness ::
family, creative productivity, peace of mind.

Your idea of misery ::
fear, depression, illness

If not yourself, who would you be ::
I can't possibly imagine being someone else - I just want to be me, although
perhaps with a little more money.

Where would you like to live ::

Your favourite colour and flower ::
orange, sunflower

Your favourite prose authors ::
Hunter S Thompson

Your favourite poets ::
RG Anstey

Your favourite heroes in fiction ::
Kojak,Captain Haddock

Your favourite heroines in fiction ::
Foxy Brown

Your favourite painters and composers ::
Franz Kline,Mark Rothko,Alex Colville,Jackson Pollock,Alexander Calder,Lalo
Schifrin,Miles Davis,Robert Wyatt

Your favourite heroes in real life ::
the genuinely unselfish ones who actually care about people - believe me
they can be hard to find.

Your favourite heroines in real life ::

What character(s) in history do you most dislike ::
racists,power hungry political leaders

Your favourite food and drink ::
oriental and greek food, coffee, exotic teas, gin

Your favourite names ::
Milosh, Vladimir, Klaus, Silas, Philemon (names for pets - past and future)

Your pet aversion ::

The reform which you most estimate ::
cure for all known disease

The gift of the nature which I would like to have ::
gift of the gab

How I would like to die ::
old with peace of mind and with my boots on

What is your present state of mind ::
I dunno - anxiety I think, maybe its the coffee

For what fault have you most toleration ::
eccentric behaviour

Your favourite motto ::

1er décembre 2006

Daniel is musician and currently lives in Vancouver.
Besides his solo recordings, he arranges and produces other artists,
as well as composing music for film.

Website :: Daniel Maze

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of marcel proust", created by antoinette faure around 1890