Your favourite virtue ::
wisdom, fairness, faith, aspiration

Your favourite qualities in a man ::
responsible, sensitivity, honest

Your favourite qualities in a woman ::
appreciation, compassion, humour,

Your favourite occupation ::
music at all, being a good father,

Your idea of happiness ::
when everyone has enough to eat and drink !

Your idea of misery ::
no clean air and water anymore

If not yourself, who would you be ::
Bruce Lee :)

Where would you like to live ::
not on earth ! it is so full of ignorant beings

Your favourite colour and flower ::
indigo(shade of purple) , daffodil

Your favourite prose authors ::
Frank Herbert, Michael Ende, Thomas Mann,

Your favourite poets ::
Dschalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, Khwajeh Shams al-Din Muhammad Hafez-e Schirazi, Umar Khayyām,

Your favourite heroes in fiction ::
Bud Spencer, Klaus Kinski, Christopher Walken, Sean Penn

Your favourite heroines in fiction ::
Whoopie Goldberg, Goldie Hawn, Uma Thurman

Your favourite painters and composers ::
Joan Miró, Salvador Dali, Ennio Morricone, Henry Mancini, Guiseppe Verdi

Your favourite heroes in real life ::
My Father!, My Son , My friends

Your favourite heroines in real life ::
My Mother !

What character(s) in history do you most dislike ::
dictators and genocidal tyrant

Your favourite food and drink ::
Noodles in several kind of, turkisch meals, persian meals, Water, Beer, Wine, Milk,

Your favourite names ::
Mustafa, Sinan, Otto :)

Your pet peeve (something that easily annoys you)::
cats, fishes, pinguin

The change you most anticipate::
freedom and health for all

A gift of nature which I would like to have ::
a time machine to travel back and kick some asses ;)

How I would like to die ::
never or when i sleep

What is your present state of mind ::

Of what fault are you most tolerant ::
when someone try to stand out from the crowd

Your favourite motto ::
everything can and nothing must

9 mai 2010

under the aliases A-Chill or Edvenjah, Mustafa Acil is a musician, a DJ and a radio producer, he now lives in Heidelberg.

website :: A-Chill
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:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of marcel proust", created by antoinette faure around 1890