Your favourite virtue ::
To listen…

Your favourite qualities in a man ::
To be an artist…

Your favourite qualities in a woman ::
That she will be sweet

Your favourite occupation ::
Musical production

Your idea of happiness ::
World peace and the end of contamination…

Your idea of misery ::
The lost of faith

if not yourself, who would you be ::
Ludwing Van Beethoven

Where would you like to live ::
Here were I am

Your favourite colour and flower ::
Brown, and the lotus flower

Your favourite prose authors ::
Luis Alberto Spinetta

Your favourite poets ::
Daisaku Ikeda

Your favourite heroes in fiction ::
Obi One Kanobi

Your favourite heroines in fiction ::
Kill Bill

Your favourite painters and composers ::
Dali and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Your favourite heroes in real life ::
My Father

Your favourite heroines in real life ::
My mother

What character(s) in history do you most dislike ::

Your favourite food and drink ::
Snacks and coke

Your favourite names ::
Mariana, Cecilia, Pablo

Your pet aversion ::

The reform which you most estimate ::
The end of contamination

The gift of the nature which I would like to have ::
Meet the space and watch the stars

How I would like to die ::
I don't know how, but I want to live a lot more…

What is your present state of mind ::

For what fault have you most toleration ::
Not listen and pay attention

Your favourite motto ::
"Life is the most precious treasures even all the gold in the world compared to a single human life..." Nichiren Daishonin

14 novembre 2007

Born in 1984, MarceXL is musician and producer. He actually lives in Buenos Aires.

Website :: MXL
Website :: MarceXL at myspace

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of marcel proust", created by antoinette faure around 1890